3 Trends for the Bride and Groom in 2023

Mar 15, 2023 | Long Island Venues, Milleridge Inn, The Carriage House, The Coral House, Weddings

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. And it will go by so incredibly fast, so we’d like to recommend a few things you can add to your special day to make it even more memorable. The idea is to allow yourself some time to stop and hit the pause button for a moment, and to appreciate one another, and soak up the moment.

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Private Last Dance

Most brides and grooms look back on their day and say it was amazing but it was an absolute blur. After so many months of planning, and preparation, your special day will come, and with a blink of an eye, it will be over. A private last dance is a perfect way to stop, hit pause on your day, look your partner in the eyes, and remember the moment. How does this work? When your guests are enjoying their cocktail hour in another room, you and your partner visit the ballroom, and while the DJ and the staff are making their finishing touches on the room, your DJ plays a special song for you and your partner to dance to, before the reception begins. It really gives you and your partner the chance to take it all in before the reception begins. 

How can you plan for your private last dance? Let your wedding planner and DJ know you’d like to have a private last dance and choose a song that means something to you both. Let them know so they can prepare the song and let the staff know you’d like to do this. 

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Love Drunk Photos

Bride and Grooms will be trading their perfectly positioned photos for imperfections and authenticity. These love-drunk photos focus on capturing the bride and groom, in the moment without direction, and without interruptions. Some of these photos feature the bride and groom running through the scenic landscape, the groom sweeping his bride off her feet and twirling her around, or the couple enjoying each other’s company and chatting prior to the big day. The idea is to capture imperfect candid shots of the bride and groom to showcase the authenticity of the couple. 


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Couples are Getting Ready Together

Couples are rewriting the way we traditionally kick off the wedding day. They’re no longer waiting to see each other all done up, no longer scheduling a first look, or first glance, now, they’re starting the day off together and getting ready together. Couples who do this say they enjoy getting ready together, it allows them some downtime together before the big day, and while they don’t get to see each other all done up for the big reveal, they say they are enjoying the morning together before the day kicks off. 

If you talk to most couples about their experience they’ll likely tell you that your wedding day absolutely flies by. They’ll reminisce about going from one thing to the next, and before they knew it, they were cutting the cake, and just like that the entire day was over. After months, and maybe even years of planning this special day, it flies by just like that. Your day will be special and beautiful, but by adding in little pauses, you’ll be able to look back at the day and remember these special moments you took to appreciate one another.

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