Exit Station Ideas and Experiences

In lieu of giving your guests a small gift to take home, many party planners are opting for an exit experience, so guests can be wowed one last time before they leave the event. These exit experiences are also known as exit stations, and they’re commonly seen at weddings but are also making appearances at events like sweet sixteens, quincinera’s, bat-mitzvahs, bar-mitzvahs, and even birthday parties. So what do these exit experiences look like? We can help you by showing you some of the most popular exit stations.

Exit Stations - Cinnabon

Exit Station: Aunt Annies Meets The Cinnabun

Cinnabons are known for their cinnamon rolls, cinnamon products, coffee, and even frozen drinks. It is literally one of the sweetest brands there is, making it a hit with every age, and all parties, from school parties to client meetings, wedding receptions, and more. This station is equipped with both the sweetness and salt your guests need to end the party satisfied. With choices of that infamous toasted pretzel with mega pieces of salt, the sweet taste of the Cinnabon, or even a piece of fruit, this station satisfies everyone’s taste buds, it’s the perfect marriage of sweet and salty.

Exit Station - McDonalds

Exit Station: McDonald’s

This station is an absolute classic. From picky eaters to adults who just love the taste of those classic McDonald’s french fries and cheeseburgers, it’s an impressive exit experience. When your guests have danced the night away, and see those arches and the classic cheeseburger for grabs on the way out, it’s a wow for sure. They’ll all be saying “I’m Loving it”.

Exit Station - Hot Chocolate

Exit Station: Hot Chocolate

For those colder months when your guests are about to brave the cold and head home, what a nice way to send your guests off with a nice warm hug, aka make your own hot chocolate. This heart-warming station allows your guests to get cozy with different toppings for their hot chocolate of choice. What a nice warm way to end the event, warm hands and hugs. 

Exit Stations - Taco Bell, McDonalds, White Castle

Exit Station: Starbucks Coffee

Have a meeting with clients and need to send your guests off with a boost? Have a day wedding or event, and your guests need that extra energy to get home? Well, this is the station for you. Who doesn’t love that warm cup of Starbucks coffee? Why not give your guests that experience in hand on the way out.

Exit Station: Taco Bell

We’re thinking outside the bun for this one. I mean, who hasn’t had a Taco Bell craving recently? This one is pretty cool, as guests see the bell, they will instantly be wowed for sure and will be running to grab one of those delicious Tacos on the way out. 

Exit Stations Donuts

Exit Station: Doughnuts

I doughnut about you, but this one is an absolute classic. Who doesn’t love that classic old-fashioned donut with that sweet glaze frosting? It’s just such a sweet ending to any event. 

These are just some of our favorite exit stations and some of the most popular we’ve seen requested by our Long Island customers. We can customize each station to meet your party needs. We want to give your guests the ultimate exit experience and make sure they are wowed from beginning to end of each and every event. We love creating memorable experiences, it’s what we do.

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