Raay-Nor’s Fried Chicken Pop-Up Shop is Back at Maliblue

Aug 21, 2023 | In The News, Long Island Venues, Maliblue Restaurant, Malibu Shore Club

Baldwin Restaurant’s Famous Dish to be Featured with other Raay-Nor Favorites 
Town Officially Proclaims August 21st Raay-Nor’s Fried Chicken Day 

Boasting a delectable secret recipe that has left generations of fried chicken connoisseurs “clucking” for more, the Maliblue Restaurant in Lido Beach officially opened its Raay-Nor’s Fried Chicken Pop-Up Shop.  The August 21st Ray-Noor’s pop-up shop opening has become an annual rite of summer, attracting hundreds upon hundreds of longtime Raay-Nor’s chicken fans, as well as new enthusiasts who are eager to learn what all the “cackling” is about.  Adding to the festivities of the grand opening, Town of Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin issued an official proclamation, declaring August 21st “Raay-Nor’s Fried Chicken Day” in America’s largest township.  Joining Clavin at the grand opening were Maliblue owner Butch Yamali, Town of Hempstead Deputy Supervisor Dorothy Goosby, Councilmen Dennis Dunne, Chris Carini and Tom Muscarella, as well as Councilwoman Missy Miller and Laura Ryder.  Also attending the ceremony were Town Clerk Kate Murray and Receiver of Taxes Jeanine Driscoll.

“Raay-Nor’s fried chicken is a favorite meal that has delighted generations of neighbors across Long Island,” said Clavin.  “The restaurant’s closure in 2005 left fried chicken lovers longing for the crispy dish, as well as all the restaurant’s famous side dishes.  Fortunately, the Maliblue has made fried chicken lovers very happy by securing the original recipe and sharing Raay-Nor’s fried chicken with the public every summer.  In recognition of the fact that Raay-Nor’s chicken is a fried delicacy without equal, I now officially declare August 21st Raay-Nor’s Fried Chicken Day in the Town of Hempstead.” 

The Maliblue beachside restaurant at the Town of Hempstead Malibu Beach in Lido Beach will be offering famous Raay-Nor’s much beloved version of the crispy-battered dish, alongside a host of other taste-tempting delights that were featured on the menu of the original restaurant.  Raay-Nor’s Log Cabin was a treasured Long Island culinary institution, which served fried chicken and other comfort food at its Baldwin location from 1940s through 2005.  

“Raay-Noor’s made comfort food that was part of Long Island’s culinary identity,” said Yamali.  I am happy that Raay-Nor’s pop-up shop at Maliblue is providing a trip down memory lane for everyone who enjoys Raay-Nor’s fried chicken and other dishes.”

“Hempstead Town is proud that it was the home to the original Raay-Nor’s restaurant, which served up it’s famous fried chicken in Baldwin for 7 decades,” said Goosby.  “When the Maliblue started the Raay-Nor’s pop-up shop, featuring the restaurant’s original menu, dating back to the 1940s, people were wild for the delicious comfort food.”

“I loved the original Raay-Nor’s restaurant, and I can’t wait to taste all of the original recipes here at the Maliblue,” said Dunne.  “I am proud that this historic event is taking place at a Town of Hempstead facility.”

“My family enjoyed the original Raay-Nor’s,” said Muscarella.  “The chefs at Maliblue are recreating the magic of the original restaurant right here at a great seaside location.”

“I can’t wait to bring home a bucket of Raay-Nor’s fried chicken for the whole family,” said Carini.  “My children have heard me talk about the great chicken, and I am sure they will become Raay-Nor’s fans too.”

“The limited time engagement of the pop-up shop adds to the nostalgia of enjoying Raay-Nor’s food,” said Miller.  “I am a fan of good, old-fashioned comfort food.  It is a part of our culinary history here on Long Island.” 

“My dad was a big fan of Raay-Nor’s fried chicken,” said Ryder.  “I can’t wait to taste it for myself to see what my father was so excited about.”

The Maliblue chefs have been trained by Raay-Nor’s original chef and the Maliblue staff has all of the original recipes for the fried chicken and other well-loved dishes.  In fact, the original chef was flown in from Texas to impart his culinary wisdom on the cooking team at Maliblue.  Fried, boiled and Maryland style chicken will be served alongside sweet and sticky ham steak, light-and-airy biscuits, pickle chips and other well-known side dishes.  What’s more, Raay-Nor’s famous homemade pies will top off the perfect meal at the Maliblue.

Testament to the popularity of Raay-Nor’s beloved home-style cooking, the Maliblue has seen a line of would-be-diners’ cars extend down Lido Boulevard to the Loop Parkway during previous promotions involving Raay-Nor’s food service at the Maliblue beachside restaurant.  The restaurant serves thousands of famous Raay-Nor’s chicken dinners during the Maliblue’s pop-up engagement each year. To enhance the nostalgic experience, the Maliblue team will temporarily cover over the Maliblue roadside signage with signs that features the original Raay-Nor’s logo and stylized typestyle.

The pop-up Raay-Nor’s restaurant will remain open for several weeks, but diners will want to visit frequently as the comfort food menu will only be available for a limited time.  Raay-Nor’s food is available for both take-out as well as eat-in patrons.  For more information, call the Maliblue at 516-442-2799.  The Maliblue is located at 1500 Lido Boulevard in Lido Beach (maliblueny.com).